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The Full Story


Antonio Ceballos is originally from Mexico City but has been living in the treasure valley for over 5 years.  He has worked in just about every Mexican restaurant in the Treasure Valley and decided one day in 2018 that he was going to create his own menu and pursue his dream as a chef.  Antonio's Kitchen has been serving up flavor since 2020 and continues to impress people daily with the authentic food and amazing service. 



Antonio is not only part of his local community but has also created his own little community around the amazing things he does through his food truck.  Every interaction you have with Antonio is genuine and respectful, which is why people love not only his food but his presence as well.



Antonio has always had a vision.  When he spent his last $100 dollars on the permit to operate the truck it was done with intention and with a goal in mind.  Antonio's Kitchen will one day be a successful Mexican Restaurant where he can serve more of the authentic dishes that come from his mother & grandmother.  There is no doubt that goal will be achieved one day soon.

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